A typology of PF-technologies suitable for farms in the EU nations

A report on the development of a typology for Precision Farming Technologies with focus on ceraels and forage plants.

Year of Publication2010

Extracted from Introduction:This paper focuses on the question of the development of a typology of Precision Farming Technologies (PFT) suitable for farms in the EU-nations. The developed typology will zoom onto the usage of PFT on arable land. Therefore the agricultural land use in Europe has taken into consideration. In this case it is important to note that this paper gives just an example for a possible typology for PFT in cereals and forage plants in the EU 27.Furthermore this paper is important basis knowledge for the work on the next deliverables in Work package 7. For deliverables 7.2 and 7.3 it is necessary to generate the current knowledge about Precision Farming in Europe and to present the results of the FutureFarm Project.

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farm management information systemffd7 1pftprecision farmingprecision farming technology
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