The current status of soil and water management in England

A viewpoint paper on the need to develop soil and water management specialists to link research and development with practice to meet the demands of agricultural production.

Year of Publication2008

Soil and water management face challenges with a much depleted professional body of specialists. The career structure for new entrants is poorly defined, and this discourages entry. A small cohort of professionals is needed mentored by those (now mostly retired) with a proven field record. The prime requirement is to use and develop the considerable store of fundamental research information available with future emphasis on applied research and development. Defra and other bodies need to be alerted to the problem and encouraged to move from its current largely environmental policy to one which embraces production within an environmental framework. The RASE, working with other parties, should attempt to raise £1 million/year for a 5 year period to support the development of a group of soil and water specialists to link applied research and development.

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