Community Garden Starter Pack

An information pack covering the often complex issues that can arise when setting up or developing a community garden or community managed land-based project.

Year of Publication2005

This pack aims to be an introduction to starting, developing and running a community garden or other community managed land-based project. It doesn't provide a blueprint of what a community garden should be or look like – such decisions are for your group and your community to make. Neither does it provide technical advice relating to specific gardening issues - FCFCG and other support organisations listed at the end of the pack can provide such advice. What it does do, in sections that have been deliberately kept short for ease of reading, is introduce the issues you're likely to face, provide general advice and offer routes to more specific information and help should you need it. The detail and depth in which you tackle each issue will depend on your site, your aspirations and the stage of development that your project is at.

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