Full Utilisation of the Poultry Carcase or Zero Waste through Continual Recycling

Report for the Temperton Fellowship: Summary of the views of key poultry industry players and poultry academics identifying priority areas to further reduce waste from the poultry industry.

Year of Publication2006

The workshop successfully achieved its objective in obtaining the views of the industry and poultry academics and produced ideas for the Temperton Fellowship and Beacon Research and Harper Adams University College to move forward with priority areas to further reduce waste from the poultry industry. Focusing on further usage of "feathers and shell" could add perhaps a further 4 to 6% and thereby increasing the usage of the chicken carcase from 55% to 60%. It will be important to ensure that strict procedures are followed in respect of legislation, new technology and quality assurance and that any lobbying to change is based on scientific evidence, biosecurity and food safety regulations. The benefits gained will be long term for the general public, the poultry industry and its level of employment as well as the overall reduction of waste which has untoward effects on the environment.

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