Milk and dairy products

The milk and dairy food products section in the Openfields library contains liquid milk, yogurts and chilled desserts, yellow fats (butter and spreads), cream, fromage frais, milkshakes, cheese (- both hard cheeses and soft cheeses). These foods contain protein and calcium and some vitamins including vitamin B12, vitamin A and vitamin D.

Liquid milk accounts for the greatest share of sales in the total market and is considered to be a household basic for most. The sector is still developing new products, with health remaining a major driver. As consumers take a progressively greater interest in product provenance, attention has become focused on organic and regional products. While semi-skimmed products are the most popular, the choice is growing and local, organic and fortified milks are offering a greater level of product differentiation and adding value to the market in the face of generally declining sales volumes.

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