The consumer’s perception of agriculture and how we can influence it

A paper which outlines the history of the Women's Food and Farming Union and the work it does to inform agriculture’s customers and promote discerning purchases.

Year of Publication2003

The decline in the numbers working in agriculture has led to a disassociation between consumers and the source of their food. Shoppers’ perceptions of agriculture are largely based on clouded childhood memories, second-hand information and the occasional horror story in the media. Many do not even think about the source of their food. The Women’s Food and Farming Union (WFU) was founded more than twenty years ago on the belief that there was a need to reconnect consumers with producers and the countryside – the source of their food. This paper outlines the history of the WFU and the work it does to inform agriculture’s customers. Informed consumers who have a realistic understanding of modern farming can make discerning purchases that safeguard the health and well-being of their families. WFU sees this as the way to secure a future for a UK agricultural industry that is responsive to its end user, to the benefit of our rural communities, and the nation’s economic health.

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