Control of Foodborne Pathogens using Bacteriophages, with a Little Help from Our Friends

Investigation of the potential for bacteriophages to be used in the control of pathogens in food.

Year of Publication2011

For most of the time since their discovery almost a hundred years ago bacteriophages (phages) have largely been overlooked as a means of controlling bacteria, at least in Western countries. However, in more recent years with the threat of antibiotic resistant bacteria emerging as a serious problem, the potential human clinical use of phages has received renewed attention. Flowing from this has been interest in their use in a variety of other applications, one of which is, of course, the control of pathogens in foods. Over the last few years the Biocontrol team at ESR has made considerable progress in both practical applications of phages and understanding how they work with low concentrations of pathogens. This progress has been aided through the efforts of visiting students from the EU.

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