ISEKI_Mundus 2 – contributing to international exchange of expertise in food safety research.

Report of collaborative research into foodborne pathogens performed by partner institutions in the ISEKI-Mundus 2 project for the internationalisation and enhancement of European higher education in Food Studies.

Year of Publication2009

The main objective of the ISEKI_Mundus 2 project is to “contribute to the internationalization and enhancement of European higher education in Food Studies and work towards network sustainability, by extending developments through the Erasmus Academic Network ISEKI_Food 3 to other countries and developing new activities towards the promotion of good communication and understanding between European countries and the rest of the world”. An example of the potential for worldwide research exchange in food safety via such as network is demonstrated for two ISEKI partner institutes – Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering (Germany) and the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (New Zealand) – who have complimentary research expertise in the rapid detection and control of foodborne pathogens.

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