966: Zoonoses

This paper is summarised from ‘Zoonoses and farming: evidence, ethics and implications’, a report of a meeting of the Food Ethics Council’s Business Forum. The main speakers were Professor Hugh Pennington, University of Aberdeen, and Lord Rooker, Chair of the Food Standards Agency.

Year of Publication2010

Zoonoses are infectious diseases passed from animals to humans. There have been significant reductions in the incidence of Salmonella enteritidis and variant Creutzfeldt Jacob Disease but E coli and Campylobacter are two of the Food Standard Authority’s main priorities, because we have yet to develop effective ways of dealing with them. The current swine flu pandemic is technically a zoonosis, although it is primarily spread from person to person. There is an urgent need for more effective measures to deal with zoonoses and we need a culture change on farms, in industry and in local government.

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