Human pathogens and the phyllosphere

Overview of human pathogens in the phyllosphere of fresh produce in light of food-related disease outbreaks caused by consumption of fresh produce.

Year of Publication2008

Historically, human pathogens have not been considered part of the microbial population of the aerial parts of plants termed the phyllosphere. However, with increased consumption of fresh and minimally processed fruit the occurrence and importance of human pathogens on fresh produce has to be considered. This is of even more significance as a clear relationship has been found between increased food-related disease outbreaks and greater consumption of fresh produce. Because of these concerns, the biology and ecology of human pathogens associated with many aspects of production and consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables have been reviewed in considerable detail over the last few years. Consequently, this overview provides a general background to the whole area of human pathogens in the phyllosphere of fresh produce. Special emphasis is placed on salad crops, particularly lettuce, where there have been notable problems with outbreaks of food poisoning in the past.

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