Control of Listeria monocytogenes growth in a ready-to-eat poultry product using a bacteriophage.

Report on use of a bacteriophage for control of Listeria monocytogenes in a ready-to-eat chicken breast roll.

Year of Publication2011

A bacteriophage (phage) that infected strains of the species Listeria monocytogenes as well as Listeria ivanovii and Listeria welshimeri, but not Listeria grayi or Listeria innocua, was isolated from sheep faeces. The phage had a contractile tail and an icosohedral head indicating that it was a myovirus, and was morphologically similar to phage A511. At 30 °C, phages added at 5.2 × 107 PFU ml−1 prevented the growth in broth of L. monocytogenes present at approximately twice this concentration for 7 h, but re-growth occurred such that the concentration after 24 h incubation was similar in both control and phage-treated cultures. At the same temperature, but on the surface of vacuum-packed ready-to-eat chicken breast roll, there was an immediate 2.5 log10 CFU cm−2 reduction in pathogen concentration following addition of phages and then re-growth. However, at a temperature reflecting that at which a chilled food might be held (5°C), this re-growth was prevented over 21 days incubation. The data suggest a dose-dependent rapid reduction in pathogen concentration followed by no continued phage-mediated effect. These results, alongside other published data, indicate that a high concentration of phages per unit area is required to ensure significant inactivation of target pathogens on food surfaces.


Bigot, B.; Lee, W-J ; McIntyre, L. 0000-0002-5768-0700; Wilson, T.; Hudson, J. A.; Billington, C.; Heinemann, J. A. (2011) "Control of Listeria monocytogenes growth in a ready-to-eat poultry product using a bacteriophage."Food Microbiology 28 (8) pp 1448-1452

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