Campylobacteriosis in New Zealand. Part two – tackling the problem.

Discussion of approaches made in New Zealand to tackle the problem of Campylobacteriosis.

Year of Publication2010

In terms of the Campylobacter in Poultry Risk Management Strategy (CRMS), the best place to start tackling the problem through the food chain was on the farm. An observational survey was therefore undertaken in 2007 to identify the main risk factors for on-farm contamination of poultry flocks in New Zealand. While biosecurity practices were reported to be good, a number of recommendations were made. Consumer attitudes regarding campylobacter interventions were sought to investigate consumer practices, attitudes and opinions in relation to campylobacter and poultry. For the CRMS to be a success, teamwork was essential.


McIntyre, L. 0000-0002-5768-0700; Lee, J.; Biggs, R. (2010) "Campylobacteriosis in New Zealand. Part two – tackling the problem."International Food Hygiene 21 (6) pp 21-22

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