Supplier-retailer relationships in the UK fresh produce supply chain

A study of supplier/retailer relationships with recommendations for their improvement.

Year of Publication2004

The UK fresh-produce supply chain has undergone numerous changes, with retailers becoming increasingly powerful. Suppliers feel that changes such as backhauling and factory gate pricing do not benefit them and there is room for improvement in supplier-retailer relationships. Retailers are starting to acknowledge this and the importance of suppliers in gaining retail market share. Thus the intense process of supply-chain rationalisation appears to be levelling out in UK fresh produce market and a series of recommendations are presented for how supplier/retailer relationships can be improved.


Hingley, M ; Lindgreen, A ; Casswell, B (2004) "Supplier-retailer relationships in the UK fresh produce supply chain"Journal of International Food Products and Agribusiness Marketing 18 (1 & 2) pp 49-86

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fresh produce industrymarketing practicepurchasing practicesupplier retailer relationships
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