Focus on your customer through segmentation

This research identified four segments of the Australian wine market, based on product needs. It illustrates the need to focus on more than just one segment, the connoisseur wine drinker, and develop strategies for each segment.

Year of Publication2000

Spawton (1991) discussed consumer expectations and risk-reduction strategies in the purchase of wines. He referred to a four-segment model of the market, which has been widely used since its development. The segments include connoisseurs, aspirational drinkers, beverage wine consumers and new wine drinkers. These segments were developend from the results of an exploratory qualitative study conducted by McKinna (1987). This article outlines a study we conducted that aims to empirically test and confirm the segments that the wine industry takes for granted. Spawton's four segments were empirically tested in this study. These segments are validated and explained in this article.


Hall, J ; Winchester, MK (2000) "Focus on your customer through segmentation"The Australian and New Zealand Wine Industry Journal 15 (2) pp 93-96

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new wine drinkerswine industrymarket segmentsbeverage wine consumersaspirational drinkersconnoisseurs
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