782: Food futures – the UK response

This paper is summarised from part of ‘Food Futures: Rethinking UK Strategy’, A Chatham House Report. Briefing 768 covered the executive summary of the report, Briefing 773 looked at the global situation, and Briefing 778 looked at implications for the UK and EU.

Year of Publication2009

Food will become a component of a new ‘bio-economy’ that will see government increasingly managing resources. There is a risk that the policy framework for delivering environmental benefits will be too narrowly focused and the social aspects of sustainability are far from fully developed. The UK needs to invest in more R&D to support a more regenerative system. There are concerns about the food system’s ability to continue to function if uncertainties like the availability of basic resources are not recognised. Promoting global food security as the means to guarantee domestic food security may not be enough. Reliance on a single consumer ‘voice’ to direct the market towards sustainable behaviour patterns seems misplaced and a degree of selection of more sustainable products for the consumer will be more fruitful.

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