768: Rethinking UK Food Strategy

This paper is summarised from the executive summary and conclusions and recommendations of ‘Food Futures: Rethinking UK Strategy’, A Chatham House Report by Susan Ambler-Edwards, Kate Bailey, Alexandra Kiff, Tim Lang, Robert Lee, Terry Marsden, David Simons, Hardin Tibbs. Future papers will explore the arguments which lead to these conclusions in more detail.

Year of Publication2009

The global food system is coming under pressure from population growth, people eating better, energy, land, water, labour and climate change. If action is not taken, growth in demand may outstrip increases in production. EU/UK food supply arrangements will need to operate profitably around a significantly higher price that reflects the true cost of resources and incorporates wider social and ecological considerations. Domestic production has an important role in the UK food supply. But it will need to become more productive and sustainable. A consortium of government, supply network interests and societal groups should start to build this vision.

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