Validation of a decontamination method for arable crop sprayers following use with the sulfonyl urea herbicide amidosulfuron

A study into how different components of a spraying system can be thoroughly decontaminated following use with amidosulfuron herbicide.

Year of Publication1998

Spray solutions can be retained in quantities that will vary with sprayer type and size. Many components that are used as engineering control or safety mechanisms can be identified that contribute to the magnitude of this potential contaminant. Some components are readily cleaned, but others hold back liquids until they are next activated either deliberately by the operator or unknowingly. Failure to remove this trapped liquid can result in contamination levels which can damage a sensitive crop when this equipment is used again. Approved decontamination methods are effective with amidosulfuron when used alone or in emulsion mixtures with propiconazole or bromoxynil/ioxynil.

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weedkillercleaningagricultural engineering
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