Contamination of ATV and tractor operators from drifting spray during field applications

A conference paper investigating the effect of spray contamination to operators when using different types of agricultural and off road vehicle.

Year of Publication1994

The work reported concentrates on the contamination that operators of field crop sprayers are likely to encounter during the spraying process. A selection of vehicles likely to be used on recreational and ammenity land as well as in horticultural and agricultural practices have been considered. The range included small 30kW agricultural tractors, with and without a cab and a 4 wheel motor cycle based All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). These different prime movers were subjected to a devised standard test procedure while considering the following variables, the size of emitted spray droplets (spray quality), wind speed and wind direction relative to the vehicle and sprayer combination. The studies enabled the differing degrees of contamination on the vehicle operators to be determined as well as the distribution of that contamination around the body of the operator

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agricultural engineeringhealth and safetypesticide
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