Power and tractive efficiency measurement in four wheel drive off-road vehicles

A two page technical note explaining the concepts behind a research project at Harper Adams to measure tractive efficiency of off road vehicles on a range of surfaces.

Year of Publication2009

This 2 page technical note explains the concepts behind a postgraduate research project currently underway at Harper Adams to investigate and measure how off road vehicles behave. This includes the development of an instrumented vehicle to measure power flows in a 4x4 transmission. A tractor has been specially modified and practical trials have begun. Initial results are most intriguing and show that under certain conditions, the tractor is converting around 25% of its engine power to useful power at the drawbar. The project is being sponsored by the Douglas Bomford Trust and supported with instrumentation equipment from ABB. The note covers the following sections: Introduction to drawbar pull, power and tractive efficiency and the importance of wheel slip on vehicles with fixed ratio axles Why measure powerflow and efficiency? The instrumented vehicle developed at Harper Adams Initial results

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