Minimising whole body vibration through seat maintenance and adjustment

A technical note discussing Whole Body Vibration (WBV) and how research work at Harper Adams has shown that WBV can be reduced by ensuring that suspended seats are regularly maintained and correctly adjusted for each operator.

Year of Publication2010

This two page Harper Adams technical note discusses how operators will experience Whole Body Vibration (WBV) whilst using most agricultural vehicles and plant machinery. Although not directly attributable to causing specific health concerns, WBV is thought to exacerbate existing back complaints and cause operator discomfort which could result in losses of concentration and productivity. There are UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines on exposure to WBV, which must be observed by employers. The note provides a brief introduction and provides instructions on how to find out more. The note describes research work conducted in the Engineering Department at Harper Adams on WBV. The work has shown that WBV can be significantly reduced by ensuring that worn dampers and end stops are replaced on both mechanically and air suspended designs of seats. The work also found that WBV is reduced by correctly setting manually adjustable seats for the weight of the operator. Sections covered by the note are understanding whole body vibration, the importance of seating, suspended seats, Harper Adams research on seat use and care, and a conclusion.

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