Information models specifying usage processes and data elements

Analysis of information flows for the specification of knowledge based farm management systems.

Year of Publication2010

Executive summary:In previous FutureFarm Project deliverables, the information flows and relevant input data were given for the strategic, tactical and operational planning of the fertiliser operation, as well as its execution and evaluation. The information flow diagrams included the actors and usage processes involved in the overall operation, and specified which information must be encoded in the system, provided by partner/actors, and produced by the system. In this deliverable, the focus is on the content of the “Process” boxes of the information flow model which represent the usage processes of the information and on the “Information” boxes which represent the data elements. The content of information usage processes are presented as the nature of the decision making process. The usage processes are typically complex decision making processes which require information from several sources as input. The decisions are taken by the farmer or farm manager. The knowledge in the usage process are structured and modelled following a set of defined rules. In this case, automated or semi-automated assistance are provided. However, in most cases, the decisions are based on tacit knowledge. The next step is to open up the usage or decision processes and describe their knowledge content as well as their level of the assessed level of automation. In the context of the information modelling approach, the decision processes described requires information as input and produces information as an output from the decision process. Further decomposition of these information flows are carried out by describing the data content. The description of the data content in the fertilizing case has involved quality and quantity, spatial aspect and rules, etc.

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