A case study of brand impact in the UK tractor market

A 3 page case study of research undertaken by Harper Adams into the importance of brand in industrial purchase decisions, by analysing the UK tractor market.

Year of Publication2007

This case study, conducted by Harper Adams University College, studied the role of the brand in the industrial purchasing decisions by analysing the UK tractor market. The study was conducted by reviewing established literature to identify various attributes that are typically considered when buying a tractor. 428 farmers and farm contractors were then surveyed to determine their preferences with regard to these attributes. The results were used to measure the relative importance of the attributes. The study also questioned tractor owners on their perception of the various UK tractor brands, including the brand that they owned. The study concluded that in the UK market, brand name is important in the choice of tractor, that tractor buyers are brand loyal and that the major tractor brands are not perceived in a similar way.Areas covered by the case study are background to the UK tractor market, purchase selection attributes, brand utility and what the survey results tell us.

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