Recent Developments in Equine Nutrition and Feeding

A review of some significant developments in equine feeding and the nutrition industry over the last century and particularly in the last two decades.

Year of Publication2007

In the wild, horses spend most of the day roaming and foraging in an externally variable environment as part of a herd. As non-ruminant herbivores they are well suited to a high fibre, low starch diet. They rarely fast voluntarily for more than 2–4 hrs at a time and would naturally forage for 16-18hrs a day. Today what and when they are able to eat is predominantly determined by man and we therefore have to take responsibility for the effects that our choice of management practices have on their health and welfare. This paper will discuss some of the significant developments in the equine feed and nutrition industry over the last century and in particular the last few decades.

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non ruminant herbivore
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