equine health and care Source: Digitalkid2007 equine horse breeding grazing Source: Eduardo_Amorim
equine horse saddlery ancillary services Source: JimMedia equine horsehorseshoe ancillary services - Source: Brett Simison Photography
equine horse Source: MargoLove equine harness horse working Source: Walwyn
equine horse polo pony exercising practicing Source: NationalRural equine horse shire showing Source: NationalRural
equine horse show judging Source: NationalRural equine young horse exercise lungeing Source: T_Sayles

OpenFields organises its items on horse and related species subjects in two sub-categories:

Equine Health & Care

  • covering most topics from breeding to health issues and general welfare management for every animal from performance and competition horses to donkeys.

Equine Ancillary Services

  • with topics ranging from stables management to farriery and equine equipment.

OpenFields brings together a number of authoritative equine information sources from universities, colleges and the industry, including BEFRED the British Equestrian Federations research database.

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