956: What is land for?

This paper is produced from a new book, ‘What is land for? The food, fuel and climate change debate’ edited by Michael Winter and Matt Lobley of the Centre for Rural Policy Research, University of Exeter and published by Earthscan

Year of Publication2010

A new book valuably summarises the complex question of future land use with the conclusion that “...change is daunting and challenging but... agricultural landscapes and our use of agricultural land have evolved over time. With careful planning and management of future change, it is possible to adapt the way we use land without completely sacrificing the ‘old’ concerns with landscape and nature conservation for the new environmentalism of climate change adaptation and mitigation.” Danger areas highlighted include insufficient research, absence of stronger pricing signals from government to encourage investment in new technologies and the difficulty of achieving “effective, transparent and plastic discourse about what we want and what our priorities are.”

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