1572: Sustainable intensification

This paper is taken from a “Sustainable intensification in agriculture - navigating a course through competing food system priorities”, a report on a workshop funded by the Government Office for Science and run by the Food Climate Research Network and the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food. The report was written by Tara Garnett (FCRN) and Charles Godfray

Year of Publication2012

Sustainable intensification is an evolving concept. Intensification, by reducing pressure on land and other resources, underpins sustainability. Sustainable food security requires reduced population growth and consumption, better governance and less waste. Also more food needs to be produced with less impact on the environment. Sustainability needs to include impacts on other regions and future generations. There needs to be more research especially about how complex systems interact and about what mix of policies would be most effective in practice. There is a need to recognise better that human technical and societal innovations and the environment influence one another, and to understand these interactions further.

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