1286: Landscape scale collaboration for Environmental Stewardship

This paper is taken from the Executive Summary of ‘Options for landscape scale collaboration under the UK’s Environmental Stewardship Scheme’ by Franks, J. R., Emery, S. B., Whittingham, M. J.and McKenzie, A. J. of the Centre for Rural Economy, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Year of Publication2011

Because of the success of environmental groups and evidence that the larger scales of management are likely to be more effective and because policy makers recognise that this approach represents a way forward, it is proposed that a financial incentive is introduced for farmers to collaboratively conserve environmental goods. Entry Level Stewardship should be amended by moving some current options into compulsory cross compliance to free-up points (and therefore money) to create Entry Level Stewardship plus (ELSplus) whose aim would be to incentivise farmers to work together to conserve the environment at a landscape scale.

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