Climate change

The Earth's climate has always varied, so the term climate change is now generally used to describe the changes caused by human activity - specifically, greenhouse emissions such ascarbon dioxideandmethane, which build up in the atmosphere and trap heat.

The commercial activities of agri-business and the land-based industries are one of many such emission-producing activities, and so must consider actions to improve these emissions. The nature and geography of agricultural production and many rural commercial activities will also be affected by the results of unmitigated climate change.

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has said that we already have most of the technology we need to bring down emissions significantly. These include renewable energy sources such as biomass, energy crops, windmills, geothermal and solar panels, as well as more efficient vehicles and power generation methods.

The Openfields library provides information resources on the subject of climate change with specific respect to the effect of and effects upon commercial activities in the land-based sector.

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