Towards Maintaining a Sustainable and Profitable Business Post Mid-Term Review of the Common Agricultural Policy

A description of the history, current enterprises and future opportunities of a Cumbrian farming business.

Year of Publication2004

John Geldard manages a progressive Cumbrian family farming business based on traditional added value livestock enterprises and a free range egg unit. In the last five years his quest to reconnect the food chain has led to the establishment of a flourishing local sourcing initiative with four income streams: a farm shop, food park, food service and blueprint local sourcing initiative. John’s pioneering activities and shear enthusiasm to continually move closer to the market place during the last 15 years have strengthened the business to such a degree that today it is able to not only survive the current pressures on farm gate income and the potential impact of the Single Farm Payment (SFP), but also continue to grow and help to sustain the local economy. John and his family’s hard work and involvement in numerous activities clearly demonstrate real commitment to the industry at local, regional and national level. The Geldards have also adopted an open farm gate policy in order to share their business skills, success and commitment with industry influencers and students alike.

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