Stockpersonship in the 21st century

A review of research on stockpersons including personality, perception of tasks and consequent effects on both animal welfare and the caretakers.

Year of Publication2005

The paper reviews a range of research results in the area of the study of stockpersons/animal caretakers. Issues covered include the use of Self-Report Personality Inventories and Repertory Grids to establish the personality traits of the good stockperson. It also summarises some research on routine tasks carried out and the stockperson’s perception of them, highlighting the most liked and most disliked tasks and the feelings stockpersons have on good and bad days. The paper considers some of the wider implications of CAP change on stockpersons and hence animal welfare. Finally it discusses how the research has wider implications for animal carers.

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personality traitsintensity of productionpersonality inventories
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