New Blood - attracting the best young people to agriculture

A paper that summarises an important report commissioned by the Royal Agricultural Society of England and carried out in 2008 and 2009 to find out perceptions and facts and figures about the agricultural industry's needs for new entrants over the coming years.

Year of Publication2009

The future agricultural industry should be run by people who are progressive, entrepreneurial and have outstanding business management skills. They must be supported by a highly skilled operational workforce. To attract them we will need to offer better pay and housing and encourage them into lifelong learning and continuous professional development. We will often have to accommodate their requirements for new patterns of work. They will expect enjoyable and satisfying jobs and possibilities for career development. Around 6,000 recruits will be needed per year with about 1,000 of these going into salaried management roles. We must get our act together to promote an image of farming which brings out the wide variety of opportunities and challenges there are and work to co-ordinate the industry to supplement and broaden the impact of the good initiatives which have made a start in tackling the problem.

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