Do farmers adopt a strategic planning approach to the management of their business?

Study of farmers attitudes towards strategic management and their use of strategy tools on farms.

Year of Publication2010

Little is known about the application of strategic management and strategy tools on farms. The use of benchmarking has been widely endorsed by agricultural consultants and academics but it is unclear what use farmers make of this and other analytical frameworks. The responses of 144 farmers in the south of England showed a minority have vision or mission statements in written form and many have no strategic mission at all. Few farmers showed a comprehensive appreciation of strategy tools available. Additionally, despite the fact farmers strongly recognized its constituent elements, the deliberate implementation of PESTEL analysis was rare. The principal constraints to the development and creation of strategic plans are time and market uncertainty.


Stanford-Billington, C.; Cannon, A. (2010) "Do farmers adopt a strategic planning approach to the management of their business?"Journal of Farm Management 14 (1) pp 3-40

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benchmarkingfarm managementmission statementstrategic managementstrategy tools
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