An investigation into farmer’s perspective of the disposal of fallen livestock and animal by-products.

Investigation of farmer’s preferred methods for the disposal of fallen livestock and their attitudes towards the National Fallen Stock Company.

Year of Publication2010

Two questionnaires were completed by a selection of farms in Great Britain during 2008 and 2009 to ascertain the role of the National Fallen Stock Company (NFSCo) in fallen livestock disposal, the current disposal methods used for fallen livestock and other animal by-products (ABPs), and factors determining use of a particular method. The results demonstrated a significant difference (P<0.001) in NFSCo membership in relation to geographical location and a significant difference (P<0.001) in disposal choice. Farmers' perceptions as to why they did or did not join NFSCo, and why they used particular disposal methods are discussed. Disposal methods of other ABPs (aborted fetuses/stillborn animals and placentas) demonstrated the illegal disposal of aborted fetuses/stillborn animals (19.5 per cent of respondents) and placentas (57.6 per cent of respondents). Overall, 13.7 per cent of respondents used a variety of illegal disposal methods for fallen livestock carcases and other ABPs.


Kirby, M.; Brizuela; C.A.; Wilkinson, R.G. 0000-0001-8699-5217 (2010) "An investigation into farmer’s perspective of the disposal of fallen livestock and animal by-products."The Veterinary Record 167 (16) pp 606-609

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