1632: AgriChatUK - "Crime in the countryside" discussion 08/11/12

This discussion held on Thursday 8th November 2012 looked at “Crime in the countryside – what do we do about it?” and generated a total of 650 tweets on the topic from 82 participants. These included farmers, agri-food businesses, rural advisors, land agents, lawyers, journalists, academics and NFU officeholders

Year of Publication2012

Crime is a big issue for those who live in the countryside. Farm equipment and vehicles are stolen, rubbish is illegally tipped and fences and gates are damaged. There are a plethora of ways that rural crime is now reported, tracked and monitored, from the new 101 number to Farm Watch schemes and careful use of Twitter and Facebook. Rural crime seems not to have been high on the agenda for the upcoming elections for Police and Crime Commissioners, and most farmers have not heard or met candidates. Farmers and those in rural areas help themselves, by looking again at security that they have in place. There are also some ingenious ways to reduce rural crime - such as ploughing trenches around fields, having noisy geese on the farm and using DNA-type products on all machinery.

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