1587: Anderson’s AgriBrief – August 2012

The contents of this paper have been selected from this month’s Andersons Agribrief Bulletin. The full Bulletin covers more ground than this and contains more detail on the subjects summarise here.

Year of Publication2012

Cross compliance – 19% of inspections have failed on lack of, or errors in, the Soil Protection Review – penalties have been up to 5% of the payment. Breaches of NVZ rules are also becoming more common. Rural Economy Grant applications total £224 million with only £60 million available. Cereal headline prices are high but payments are often going to be docked because of poor quality. Yields are down but probably not as much as some predictions. The Ensus bioethanol plant on Teeside is restarting production thanks reduced subsidies in the US and import controls. Agricultural borrowing has reached a record high.

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