977:Andersons Agribrief Bulletin - January 2010

The contents of this paper have been selected from Andersons Agribrief Bulletin for January 2010. The full Bulletin covers more ground than this and contains more detail on the subjects summarised here.

Year of Publication2010

There is to be a Supermarkets Ombudsman but not till after a consultation. 85% of SPS claimants had their payments by the end of December but some farmers are still waiting for full payments for 2009 and before. Global wheat harvests are estimated as higher than demand – so no great boost to prices is expected. Sheep farmers need to carefully review their options under the new electronic ID regulations. The Badger TB Vaccine project is getting underway in England and arrangements for the Welsh badger cull are progressing. Beef, pig-meat and lamb producers are getting a higher share of retail prices.

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