The CAMBAC years, 1966-2001: a history of cooperation and integration in agriculture.

A paper which proposes that CAMBAC, a pioneering co-operative approach to meat production and marketing established in 1966, is a good example of the desirable practice suggested by the Curry Report.

Year of Publication2006

Founded in 1966, CAMBAC pioneered a co-operative approach to pig meat production and marketing that looked past weekly financial exigency to a more fruitful interplay between business partners that was honest, and of equal benefit to all. CAMBAC marketed themselves as reliable sellers, focussing on producing a bespoke product for the retailer. This concept was new in 1966 and not widely understood, or adopted. CAMBAC’s successes bear many similarities to what the Curry Report sets out as desirable practice, just as its ultimate failure corresponds with what the Curry Report defines as undesirable.

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