Fresher by Miles - a Case Study of a Collaborative Food Supply Business

A case study describing how a group of food producers have sought to counteract financial constraints by creating a collaborative marketing and distribution business.

Year of Publication2007

This case study describes how a group of food producers in the West Midlands have set up a collaborative marketing and distribution business. ‘Fresher by Miles’ eliminates trading intermediaries to deliver foods from its members directly to homes, workplaces and catering operations and uses the internet for customers to order and pay for their orders. The business was launched in November 2006 with 22 producers offering a range of merchandise. Within seven months of the launch this rose to more than 40 producers. There are now customers whose average spend exceeds the forecast by 45%. However, the rate of customer recruitment has been slower than planned and the business is being appraised in detail to find out why this is.

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