Collaborative alliances in agriculture under distrust.

The article offers information on collaborative alliances formed by the farmers to reduce production cost.

Year of Publication2011

Goyal and Joshi (2003) proved than when firms form collaborative alliances with the objective of reducing production costs, the unique stable architecture of collaboration is the complete network (i.e. a network in which all firms have a collaborative alliance with one another). This article shows that this result does not hold when firms face distrust among potential partners. Since researches have identified distrust as an important feature in agriculture, this finding suggests that the formation of beneficial collaborative alliances in this sector requires political intervention.


May, D. E. (2011) "Collaborative alliances in agriculture under distrust."Journal of Business and Economics 2 (2) pp 219-227

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collaborative alliancesdistrustindustrial costsnetworks of collaborationpartnershipstrategic alliances
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