1519: Pesticide statistics

This paper is taken from the first section of “Pesticides in the UK” The Pesticide Forum’s 2011 report on the impacts and sustainable use of pesticides

Year of Publication2012

Withdrawal of some pesticides from the market was a main factor in a 40% reduction of herbicide use on cereals between 2008 and 2010. The National Sprayer Testing Scheme covers 87% of the UK sprayed area and 85% of the sprayed area is treated by operators with NRoSO certification. There are 4,500 BASIS qualified pesticide professionals. The area covered by Crop Protection Management Plans has decreased by about 13% largely due to their withdrawal as point scoring options in Environmental Stewardship. In England about 4.5% of farm inspections found breaches of legislation sufficient to justify reduced SFP payments.

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