808: Feeding Britain - Potatoes

‘Feeding Britain’ examines food production and security in Britain. The Smith Institute asked Dr John Bridge (chairman of the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board) and Nick Johnson (research fellow at the Smith Institute) to edit a collection of essays around the subject. This paper is by Helen Priestley, Chief Executive of the Potato Council. Other sectors are being reviewed in other papers in this series.

Year of Publication2009

The main challenges for the sector will be to maintain production as the constraints on potato production increase, whilst encouraging younger consumers to eat potatoes. A significant increase in production could come from increased investment in research and development and innovative knowledge transfer, access to new technology (such as GM) and to existing pest and disease control methods (and consumer acceptance of these), reducing wastage in packing and processing plants and by addressing consumers’ behaviour (varietal preferences, rejections on aesthetic grounds, and in-home wastage).

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research genetic modification pests and diseases
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