Policy-making for animal and plant diseases: a changing landscape?

A Relu Policy and Practice Note (No. 16) which summarises the issues requiring a reassessment of animal and plant disease management strategies

Year of Publication2010

The growing threat of animal and plant disease outbreaks in the UK makes this a critical time for reassessing disease management strategies. With new pressures to introduce responsibility and cost sharing measures, what is the best way to balance policy needs against the importance of a sustainable agriculture industry?Animal and plant diseases pose a serious and increasing threat to the food security, food safety, economy, biodiversity and landscape of the UK. At the same time, the regulatory context for infectious disease is changing. Despite their obvious similarities, the fields of animal disease and plant disease do not make contact: policy is dealt with by separate government divisions, and researched in isolation too. But animal disease governance is changing and, perhaps, becoming more like plant disease

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