Integrated control of slug damage - OF0158

A report on a project to provide organic vegetable growers with effective integrated pest management techniques for control of slug damage.

Year of Publication2002

Slugs are important pests of a wide range of organic vegetable crops, which are high quality products, desired by consumers. Slug problems are especially acute in comparison to conventional vegetable production because use of chemical control measures is prohibited.This project builds on the results of MAFF Project No. OF0137 (September 1996 to March 1999), which demonstrated that biological control using slug-parasitic nematodes (Phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita) can give effective and long-lasting control of slug damage to organic vegetable grown in polytunnels in autumn and early spring.This Project has established a number of techniques that are suitable for use by organic growers for integrated control of slug damage. Importantly, ineffective techniques were also identified. The results clearly indicate that no one method of control will give a sufficient reduction in slug damage where problems are severe. Suitable combinations of control measures are necessary.

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