Future Trends and Developments in Poultry Nutrition

Rapid changes in the world's poultry sector and growth in demand for poultry products are leading to imbalances in supply and demand. The paper for the United nations Food and Agricultural Organisation summarises predictions for future trends in poultry nutrition.

Year of Publication2007

The few protein and energy dietary ingredient sources used in the manufacture of poultry feed globally rely significantly on soybean and cereal grains. Increased production of biofuels offer opportunities to convert by-products into poultry feed - for example Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS) and rapeseed cake.Other examples of possible sources are sorghum and foxtail millet and synthetic forms of amino acids. Greater accuracy in dietary provision will lead to reduced waste and the manipulation of voluntary food intake can improve productivity.Research projects relating to poultry health offer improvements in controlling mycotoxicosis.Successful poultry production systems will require continuous enterprise cycle based on the adoption of improved nutrition strategies.

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