Diesel from chip fat: is it worth making biodiesel from waste vegetable oil?

A technical note looking at the technical and financial feasibility of producing small quantities of biodiesel from waste vegatable oil.

Year of Publication2010

A range of small-scale biodiesel processing units are readily available that are effective in producing fuel from waste vegetable oil (WVO). In June 2009, Harper Adams purchased a 120 litre capacity processing unit to manufacture biodiesel from WVO produced by the college kitchens on a trial basis. It is estimated that the production cost of biodiesel at Harper is approximately 79-118 pence per litre dependent on production volume). With red diesel retailing at 47.39 p/litre and white or road diesel at 113 p/litre (February 2010 prices), the cost benefit is likely to be minimal. This is highly illustrative of the challenges facing alternative fuels. Research is underway at Harper Adams using the biodiesel processor to identify the true costs of producing biodiesel from WVO - both from a financial and environmental perspective. This will include a comparison with the existing options of recycling the WVO for further use in the catering trade.

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