Nitrogen for winter wheat - management guidelines

Comprehensive guidance on using N, whether as fertiliser or organic manure for winter wheat.

Year of Publication2009

While other documents deal with all nutrients for all crops, these HGCA guidelines provide more detail on N – the most important nutrient – on the most extensive UK crop, wheat. The aim is to give UK wheat growers comprehensive guidance on using N, whether as fertiliser or organic manure.After outlining how wheat responds to N and factors affecting N management with the underlying uncertainties, these guidelines follow the annual decisionmaking cycle for autumn-sown wheat crops.Further explanation and guidance is given. In particular, the guidelines explain explicitly how crop demand for N, mineralisation and atmospheric deposition of N affect recommendations. The value of regular checks on the N status of soils, crops and grain is also highlighted.A worked example calculating Crop N requirement is given in Table 12. A blank template is available on the HGCA website (or go to Many factors interact to influence crop responses to applied N, especially soil conditions and nutrient availability.These guidelines assume that all manageable constraints on N responsiveness, eg acidity, soil compaction, and low potassium, phosphorus or sulphur, have been identified and remedied.

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