Fertiliser Manual (RB209) - 8th Edition

Authoritative source of advice for use by agricultural consultants, farmers and their agents and others concerned with developing and maintaining a sustainable agricultural industry in England and Wales.

Year of Publication2010

This manual is an authoritative source of advice to help farmers and land managers better assess the fertiliser required for the range of crops they plan to grow, by suggesting what level of nutrients are required to provide the best financial return for the farm business. The manual will help ensure that proper account is taken of both mineral fertilisers and other sources of nutrients such as manures and slurries, so helping to prevent costly over-application.Deciding the correct amount of nutrient to use along with planning how they are managed and applied, supported where appropriate by specialist advice, are important factors in good nutrient management.This manual sits alongside other government advice and guidance such as the Code of Good Agricultural Practice (“CoGAP”) and guidance from the agricultural sector such as “Tried and Tested”.

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