820: Feeding Britain - the global food context

‘Feeding Britain’ consists of a collection of essays around food production and security in Britain produced for the Smith Institute This paper is by Wilfrid Legg, Head of the Policies & Environment Division in the Agriculture Directorate of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development OECD). The essay draws on the 2008 edition of the OECD annual Agricultural Outlook 2008-2017 report. Other essays are being reviewed in other papers in this series.

Year of Publication2009

High agricultural commodity prices will not fall to previous levels because changing diets, urbanisation, economic growth and expanding populations are driving food and feed demand. Prices may also be more volatile than in the past. Humanitarian aid for the poor in net food-importing developing countries is urgently needed. In the longer term they need to develop their agricultural supply base, improve governance and administrative systems, macroeconomic policy, infrastructure, technology, education and health, and to enforce property rights. Trade-restrictions have undesirable and often unintended impacts, especially in the medium and long term.

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